What is PPI and Why Should You Care?

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What is PPI? PPI, or Payment Protection Insurance, also referred to as credit protection insurance, is an insurance product aimed at insuring loan repayments. This ensures that the creditor will get repayments even if the borrower becomes unable to service debt due to a loss of income. There are several ...

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Time Is Running Out To Claim PPI Refunds

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It seems that the compensation claims in the wake of UK’s biggest misselling scandal are finally drawing to an end, much to the relief of the culprit banks. Rumors are circulating that the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has decided to impose a deadline on the misselling claims. Therefore, if you ...

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PPI Windfall for UK Borrowers

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After the judicial review of 2011, in which Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) won the case against banks in the misselling of PPI policies, the demand for claims skyrocketed. Consequently, up till now more than 26 billion pounds have been paid by the banks as compensation for customer who were a ...

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PPI Frequently Asked Questions


Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), has come to the fore of the UK financial sector in recent years, because of its controversial workings. Consequently public interest has increased in it. Here are some frequently asked questions with regards to PPI. What is PPI? Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is a form of ...

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Healthy Lifestyle Lowers Your Life Insurance Premiums


Healthy people tend to enjoy life more. However apart from living life like it is meant to be, healthy individuals also tend to save a lot on life insurance. Life insurance companies like someone who doesn’t smoke, exercises regularly, is the right weight and is free from disease. This partially ...

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Life Insurance Explained


Life insurance is a policy to help dependents in the event of a policyholder’s death. It basically involves a payout that is given to your family in the case of your natural or accidental death during the course of a policy. This payout helps your family to pay any outstanding ...

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Secrets Life Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know


Life insurance is a very important financial decision in your life. However, most insurance companies either tend to play it up or hide certain facts from you. All this is done so that they remain profitable. This doesn’t necessarily mean that insurance companies are defrauding you. It is just that ...

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Life Insurance Quotes


Life insurance secures your family’s future in the event of your untimely death. Any outstanding mortgage, credit card payments and loans that you owe won’t be transferred to your family. Instead a payout from your life insurance policy would provide a financial cushion to your family. Thereby allowing them to ...

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Life Insurance Tips


Getting life insurance is one of the most critical financial decisions of your life. So it is important that you be as well-informed as you possibly can be when making the decision. Here are some tips to help you out in getting the best life insurance. Term Insurance                       This type ...

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Life Insurance FAQs


Is there an eligibility for life insurance? Most life insurance programs don’t issue a policy unless you complete a thorough medical checkup. This checkup will include the doctor determining your health condition and any drug/smoking habits. In certain scenarios, there is guaranteed acceptance. This is the case with the Over ...

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